I recently posted some abstract images from a local Portland park shoot that I did. It was so much fun I returned the next day for more. As is usually my experience, the more I work a subject, the more pleased I become with the results. The wind was even gustier on this day and I find that painting with wind in-camera has more natural and pleasing results than when I move the camera myself to create blur. I practiced this technique on water and sand and on beach flowers in Bandon and loved the results. Now I have some autumn weather and colors to work with!

For these shots I simply lowered my ISO to 50 and put my fstop to 13 which resulted in a  0.3 seconds shutter speed.  Holding the camera steady and focusing on a prominent leaf in the foreground, I then used high speed and shot away whenever a wind gust blew through. The painterly results are so appealing to me!

This technique is truly going with the flow of the season and its unique characteristics.  

Give it a try! ~ Susan

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