“Sandstone Warrior”

The above image is an abstract taken at Shore Acres State Park in Charleston, Southern Oregon Coast. I am becoming increasingly intriqued by this type of abstract, nature scene.  At Shore Acres we are treated to extrodinary, exposed geological shelves that you can actually walk on. During one period of time this is where renowned photographer, Minor White would take his students to study composition. It’s really like viewing and walking on the surface of another planet. It allows our imaginations to run wild. The experience for me is reminisent of childhood days when we would look upward to the clouds to visulize pictures in the sky.

“Resting Woman in Gold”

“Sea Passage”

While rocks were photographed, the subject of the sequence is not rocks; while symbols seem to appear, they are barely pointers to significance. The meaning appears in the mood they raise in the beholder; and the flow of the sequence eddies in the river of his associations as he passes from picture to picture. The rocks are only the objects upon which the significance is spread like sheets on the ground to dry.  ~  Minor White, Wikipedia


For me, reading about the history of photography and viewing work from past and present “giants” in the field adds depth and breadth to my experience as an artist.  I highly recommend it!  When I feel like I’m in a creative rut or looking for fresh inspiration I look both within myself and outside of myself.

Looking within myself, for me, means many long walks and wandering in nature. This clears my head and quites the noise of the world. Walks are the “escape hatch” for my anxiety and stress. I gain clarity and fresh ideas are often concieved.  It also means in- depth reviews of my own portfolio in order that I gain a better understanding of my own work. I find this practice extremely useful in learning to shoot with purpose and intention.

Simply put, looking without, for me means to read about and look at the art of others both past and present. Going to new places in my own area and when possible traveling outside my typical realms. Museums, aquariums and walking in new and interesting urban areas have all provided great inspiration for me and been a source of renewal and growth.

Photography is such an interesting and rewarding  journey. It can take us to places within ourselves and within the world that are unexpected and filled with intrique and joy.

I would love to hear your thoughts!

~  Susan

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