Bandon with Susan Dimock M.S.W.


16 ~ 22, 2022

Join us for a week of soulful storytelling. Our lenses become the eye as we draw stories from the natural world that come from an intuitive, sacred place within ourselves.

“At times you have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.”
― Alan Alda

“Soulful”, within the realm of storytelling, is a term I use to describe the creation of stories that stir something on an emotional level, both within the artist and the viewer. I often look to synonyms to fully understand words and some of my favorite for soulful include, lyrical, intense, misty-eyed, and rapturous. These descriptors, for me, allude to a sense of the poetic. They make me feel that something sacred or magical is afoot and thus have great appeal within the context of the creative.

Emotional impact is a potent ingredient present in creative work that captures the attention of an audience. If photographers hold passionate feelings about their subject, allowing that passion to percolate to the surface and flow into their work can be powerful. If the creator is moved, it is very likely the viewer will be moved as well.

  Whether it is with a single image or a dozen, considering emotion or utilizing a soulful approach, can be rewarding for both the audience and the creator.

During this 7-night, photography workshop we will photograph iconic sea stacks as well as smaller, otherworldly landscape scenes that this exciting coastal terrain has to offer. Each participant will be encouraged to step out of their comfort zone in order to take their creativity to a new and exciting level. In the spirit of soulful storytelling, we will combine left and right brain approaches by both developing story ideas and learning new techniques that allow us to better manifest our vision.

Participants can expect:

  • a unique workshop offering that allows for digging deep to draw stories from the environment that are full and personally meaningful.
  • a varied approach that focuses both on new techniques, as well as awareness of left and right brain approaches to photography.
  • a range of stunning settings for photograhy in and near Bandon, reflective of years of intimate experience with off the path locations.
  • finally, to take home a collection of images that tell their own tale of coastal beauty and personal revelation.

To facilitate this, in addition to your work with me, I have a dynamic line-up of guest presenters, each with a unique perspective on creative work.  Together, we aim to inspirit your imagination and to set the stage for a week of digging deep within yourselves and within this stunning coastal  environment to develop your own unique stories.

“A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.”

Ansel Adams

Itinerary Overview

Bandon based 7 night workshop: Participants should plan on arriving early enough to attend the special meet and greet that will begin at 4:00 P.M.

We will do two full shoots a day, one at sunrise and one at sunset.  On several days we gather together to eat, learn and process during mid-day.

Sunrise occurs early, thus, each morning our shoot will be on Bandon beach or at a location within 30 minutes of Bandon. For locations further away, we will do sunset shoots to build in travel time comfortably; with the furthest location being a 90 minute drive. We will offer diverse and interesting locations and subjects to shoot. For some locales the focus will be on the icons, while other areas will offer options that lend themselves to smaller scenes or abstraction.

Special Features: 

1) Wine and cheese meet and greet: featuring local wines and the famous Bandon Creamery cheeses.

2)  Opening presentation with lunch: “Demystifying  Storytelling”, Part I  Susan will present a powerpoint to kickstart us into approaching the week with combined left and right brain work. We will discuss both technique and idea development for our stories.

3)  Lunch and Learn: As mentioned above, an overarching focus of this workshop will be on photographic storytelling which includes learning how to gather inspiration for your work. Thus, in addition to my presentation,  I have arranged for several “lunch and learn” sessions with myself and other guest creators to take place during our week together. These presentations are actually more like mini-workshops within the larger workshop!

  • Abstract Art with Becky Eddy-Phillips.
  • Considering the Sacred in Creativity and Two Portraits, an exercise in creativiy with Donna Belt.
  • Projective Feedback with Donna Belt.
  • Demystifying Storytelling: Part II; See It, Feel it, Create it, with Susan Dimock

* As a special treat, Steve Dimock will be preparing gourmet lunches for us. It’s a well kept secret that Steve’s first degree and early jobs were in the culinary realm. He is a fantastic cook!

4) Processing: Mid-week processing and image sharing sessions, as needed and as time permits.

5) Beach horseback rider shoot 

On one of our days in Bandon I have arranged for a local horseback rider to come and perform for us. Our local stable riders are chock full of talent and enthusiasm. They know how to stage and ride to ensure that we get our shots!

6) Guest Photograher:  Last, but definitely, not least! Popular and talented, Steven Michael will join us and give instruction on an evening shoot. He will share with us how he makes those high drama images of his! I have no doubt that you will enjoy Steven’s easygoing and friendly approach as much as I do!

What you will need to bring to this workshop: 

  • Camera of your choice
  • Backup batteries and memory cards
  • Tripod
  • ND (neutral density filters) of your choice and a polarizer. 
  • Lenses of various lengths are good to have. A wide angle and mid range lens, longer lens such as a 100-400 or equivalent and even a macro such as a 100mm. All  are great to have but none are required. In other words, bring what you have or what you enjoy using for landscapes large and small. 
  • Lots of lens cleaners.

Be prepared to dress in layers, as even though it is early fall, the evenings and mornings can be very chilly on the ocean front, while afternoons can then warm up significantly:

  • Definitely bring a warm jacket and a  windbreaker or fleece of some sort in case of wind.
  • A light rain jacket is typically useful from time to time.
  • Waterproof pants are great to pull up over your other pants and to put over your boots. Alternatively, for those more adventurous, just a few pair of pants that keep you warm and that you don’t mind getting a bit wet in.
  •  Water shoes, water boots or any shoes that you don’t mind getting wet are great.
  • Hats and gloves.

An open and willing attitude plus a sense of humor and adventure are always the best things to bring along! These alone, will take you further toward your goals than anything else!

Skill Level and physicality:   For this Oregon Coast photography workshop all photography skill levels are most welcome to participate. It is, however, important that you know how to operate your camera fairly well.

The physical skill level overall is easy to moderate. There are large sets of stairs down to our local Bandon beaches and a couple of excursions require a 20 minute or so hike down hill which means up hill on the return. Most folks around my age (67) and older are quite able to do these. I’d say very easy for younger folks. We will all be sensitive to one another’s limitations and be ready with a helping hand.

* Covid Policy:  For your safety and ours, since we gather together indoors quite a bit, we request that all participants be fully vaccinated, which includes being boosted.




Becky is a true lover of art. Her enthusiasm comes through loud and clear and it is contagious!  Her magnificent coastal paintings speak to the color and nature of our magical, coastal surroundings.   

Becky will help us understand abstract art and speak to the importance of doing purposeful work.

donna belt

Donna is poetic, artistic and soulful in every sense of the word.

Donna Belt is an ordained interfaith minister whose art based chaplaincy has spanned studio work with cancer and hospice patients to leading community-building public art installations in her hometown of Raleigh, N.C.  Whether it’s bringing together hundreds of volunteers to paint a mural on a condemned warehouse or zentangling stones with creativity to tap the potential that underlies loss and change.


“Entering into art and photography models a shift from normal rote engagement to discovering a unique intuitive flow with what is present before us, ” says Donna.  “Shifting to our right brain is something that can be felt inside our bodies and once recognized, we can more intentionally live in this curious, compassionate state that acknowledges our connection with all.”

Sneak Peek at Donna's Workshops

Two Portraits, with Donna Belt

If a right brain had a motto it would be: Just do it! But often the creative personality must leap past a left brained, internal censor that wonders how good their work will be or if they have anything original to say. This workshop will allow participants to shift with intention into the ease of right brained expression that taps into their unique style and knowing.

Projective Feedback, with Donna Belt

Everyone’s had the experience of screechy, disturbing feedback when two microphones are too close to each other.  Practicing projective feedback will allow each paricipant to share favorite photos with a buffer of discernment, as others claim awareness of their own projections implied in their comments. This model allows both photographer and viewer to deepen into layers of recognition and connection present in any work of art, mythology or dreamwork.

Sneak Peek at Susan's Presentation

Part I: Demystifying Storytelling

Part II: Your Work, Yourself

My presentations will illuminate the sometimes illusive and intangible concepts  of creative storytelling with images.

My goal is to inspire you to view your photographic process through a new “lens”; one that facilitates a closer connection between you, your art and the world you live in.

I will share my way of thinking about storytelling and how it deepens my own sense of connectivity, thereby being a catalyst for creativity.

We will explore both left and right brain methods of approaching photography. This  shift to full brain work encourages a mode of slow and thoughtful flow, ultimately resulting in a body of work we never imagined we would or could make.



If you would like to deepen the connection between your creative work, your world and you, come join us, this workshop is for you.

last year’s awesome bunch below!

“It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera… they are made with the eye, heart and head.”

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Cost and terms

The cost for our 7 day Oregon Coast photography workshop is 1,699 U.S. dollars.

This includes: Daily, attentive instruction in both the creative and the technical realm as well as expert area guidance, two professional  guest speakers, a horseback rider shoot and a professional guest photographer. Additionally, there will be a complimentary opening wine and cheese meet and greet event the first evening. As mentioned above, we are also including complimentary gourmet lunches prepared by Steve Dimock. Does not include:  Ground and flight transportation, food and beverage, (except the goodies stated above), lodging. see lodging package below. 

To reserve your space in this workshop a 400 dollar non-refundable deposit is required. Payment in full is due by August 4th, 2022. 

To make your payment please call our motel, Lakris Inn and make your payment directly with Sherry, our motel manager, by using your personal credit card (see phone number below). There are no refunds on the balance of the workshop fee after August 4th, 2022, except in the event that we are able to refill the space and I will make an attempt to do so. Travel/cancellation insurance is highly recommended because it gives peace of mind and it works.

Lodging package bonus:  As pointed out above, my husband and I own a small motel in Bandon. In order to make your stay an affordable one, we have blocked out several rooms for this workshop at quite a discount. At last year’s workshop all of the participants stayed at our motel and it definitely added to the cohesiveness of the group, which was an added bonus! This optional and limited offering is as follows: We have five one queen rooms and two, two queen rooms available for this event. We are offering them at a discount of 20% off of normal room rate.

The one queen rooms are 616.00 dollars for the 7 night stay and the two queen rooms are 784.00 dollars for the 7 night stay. This is an unbelievably great price for Bandon lodging during this time of year. The offer is available only for participants of this workshop and partners as space permits. The lodging offer expires June 1, 2022 and is on a first come, first serve basis. We are making it a limited time offering since it is important for us to get our rooms back up and available for reserving in the event they are not needed for the workshop.

*Note: 7.8% transient tax will be added to the total motel amount above.

Lodging with us is definitely not required and please feel free to stay wherever you are most comfortable.  We would be happy to provide you with a list of several other great options that Bandon has to offer. And obviously, if you are local, nothing compares to sleeping in your own bed. Unless, of course, you are searching for an active stay-cation event. 🙂

Once you are signed up I will send you a welcome packet and a standard release of liability form that all participants are required to sign.

Lakris Inn  541-347-3610   In order to provide a more personalized experience with individual attention, this workshop is limited to 6 participants.   Full

The Oregon Coast is a magnificent and magical region. I am so thrilled to be offering this personalized workshop so that I can share the magic and help you capture the images that you dream of!



The Photographer

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Susan Dimock is a retired clinical social worker and psychotherapist who quickly channeled her energy into a second career as a fine art nature and travel photographer. Based in Bandon, Oregon, she specializes in wildlife and seascape images of the coast where she and her husband have lived for 20 years. Her travel images of Oregon are seen throughout the world in print and in on-line publications... Read more

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