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In this 7 day Oregon Coast photography workshop we will photograph iconic sea stacks as well as focus on beautiful and diverse intimate scenes.  Each participant will be encouraged to step out of their comfort zone in order to take their creativity to a new and exciting level.  Group members will take home with them a collection of images that tells their own tale of coastal beauty and intrigue.  With that in mind, the over arching goal is to experience the art of photographic story telling through unique and varied locations, subjects and techniques. Bandon will be our base from which we will drive to several nearby towns and locations. I have lived in Bandon for 17 years and taught myself how to take photographs on these beaches.  I know the area like the back of my hand.  And, over the last few years I have worked diligently to develop my own unique workshop offering.  My intent is to help you capture beautiful images, but also, to inspire you to dig deep in order to draw stories from the environment that are full and meaningful to you.

Workshop Overview

Bandon based 7 night workshop:

Summer sunrises occur early, thus, each morning shoot will be on Bandon beach or at a location within a half hour of Bandon. And each sunset shoot will be on another location within approximately a one hour and 15 minute distance. This means we will have a very diverse and interesting variety of locations and subjects to shoot. For some locales the focus will be on the icons, while other areas are chosen specifically for working on intimate and abstract scenes. And for you flower lovers, the roses and lilies on the pond at Shore Acres State Park should be in bloom. Therefore, you’ll want to bring your macro lenses for sure! It’s a stunning place to round out your coastal collection with local flower and fauna!

Special Features: 

1- Lunch and Learn: 

As mentioned above, an overarching focus of this workshop will be on photographic story telling as well as learning how to gather inspiration for your work. With those additional goals in mind I have arranged for two “lunch and learn” sessions during our week together. For these sessions we will have two talented, artistic professionals come speak with us during our lunch.  The topics will be, The History of Photography and Abstract Art. I am very excited to be able to add this feature to my workshop as I believe it will provide delightful and relevant  interest and inspiration. 

2- Slideshow: Opening night slideshow presentation by me on photographic story telling and gathering inspiration.

3- Processing: Mid week processing and image sharing session

4- Beach horseback rider shoot 

On one of our days in Bandon I have arranged for a local horseback rider to come and perform for us. Our local stable riders are chock full of talent and enthusiasm. They know how to stage and ride to ensure that we get our shots!

5- Circles in the Sand:  

Now famous labyrinth artist, Denny Dyke and his team will be having a draw during at least one of our days. This is a unique and memorable experience, not just to photograph but to experience as an amazing creative and inspirational phenomenon. I am the Circles team photographer and thus can add additional artistic and photographic story telling insight to maximize your personal experience. And of course, walking the labyrinth yourself will tremendously increase your ability to draw stories from this unique, ephemeral art experience 

What you will need to bring:

Camera of your choice, tripod, ND (neutral density filters) if you have them. Lenses of various lengths are good to have. A wide angle and mid range lens, longer lens such as a 100-400 or equivalent and even a macro such as a 100mm and whatever other lenses you like to shoot flowers, oyster clusters and other macro images with. All  are great to have but none are required. In other words, bring what you have or what you enjoy using for landscapes large and small. 

Be prepared to dress in layers as even though it is summer the evenings and early mornings can be cold on the ocean front. A hooded jacket, windbreaker or fleece of some sort is handy in case of wind. A light rain jacket is typically useful from time to time. Water shoes, water boots or any shoe that you don’t mind getting wet is great.  Once you reserve your spot I will be sending out more details and ideas about clothing and such.

An open and willing attitude plus a sense of humor and adventure are always the best things to bring along! These alone, will take you further toward your goals that anything else!

Skill Level and physicality:   For this Oregon Coast photography workshop all photography skill levels are most welcome to participate.  Physical skill level overall is easy to moderate. There are large sets of stairs down to our local Bandon beaches and a couple of excursions require a 20 minute or so hike down hill which means up hill on the return. Most folks around my age (65) and older are quite able to do these. I’d say very easy for younger folks.




Cost and terms

if The cost for my 7 day Oregon Coast photography workshop is $1,399.

This includes: Daily, attentive instruction in both the creative and the technical realm as well as expert area guidance.  Two professional artist guest speakers, horseback riding shoot and labyrinth experience donation. Additionally, there will be a complimentary opening evening pizza meet and greet event and slide show presentation by me on photographic story telling. 

Does not include:  Ground and flight transportation, food and beverage, (except pizza party), lodging. see lodging package below. 

To reserve your space in this workshop a $400, dollar non-refundable deposit is required. Payment in full is due by May 4th, 2020. 

Payment may be made via Paypal or personal credit card. Alternatively, you may call Lakris Inn and make your payment directly with me using your personal credit card (see number below). 

There are no refunds on the balance after May 4th, 2020 except in the event that we are able to refill the space and I will make an attempt to do so. Travel/cancellation insurance is highly recommended because it gives peace of mind and it works.

Lodging package bonus: My husband and I own a small motel in Bandon. In order to make your stay in Bandon an affordable one, we have blocked out several rooms for this workshop at quite a discount.

This optional and limited offering is as follows:

We have five one queen rooms and two, two queen rooms available for this event.
The one queen rooms are $560 dollars for the 7 night stay and two queen rooms are $350 dollars each at double occupancy for the 7 night stay. This is an unbelievably great price for Bandon lodging during this time of year. The offer is available only for participants of this workshop and spouses as space permits. The lodging offer expires March 1, 2020 and is on a first come, first serve basis. We are making it a limited time offer since it is important for us to get our rooms back up and available for reserving in the event they are not needed for the workshop.

*Note: 7.8% transient tax will be added to motel amount.

If you choose to lodge elsewhere I will provide you with a list of many other great options that Bandon has to offer. This list will be sent to you in a follow up informational email. Along with that I will send a standard release of liability form that all participants are required to sign.

Lakris Inn  541-347-3610   This workshop is limited to 6 participants.   full

The Oregon Coast  is a magnificent and magical region. I am so thrilled to be offering my own group workshop so that I can share the magic and help you capture the images that you dream of!


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Susan Dimock is a retired clinical social worker and psychotherapist who quickly channeled her energy into a second career as a fine art nature and travel photographer. Based in Bandon, Oregon, she specializes in wildlife and seascape images of the coast where she and her husband have lived for 20 years. Her travel images of Oregon are seen throughout the world in print and in on-line publications... Read more

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