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Welcome to my landscape workshop on the beautiful Oregon Coast!

Workshop Overview

  • Your time and place: Since I live in Bandon clients are able to work a session or two with me into their Oregon Coast trip itinerary. This works best when you plan ahead so that I can put you on my schedule, however, there have also been several last minute sessions scheduled that worked out great as well. I typically work with folks on Bandon beach or Bullards beach where the Coquille River Lighthouse is, but you can request neighboring coastal areas as well. If we go out of town the price increases due to travel time and expenses so feel free to request a quote. On this page you will find information applicable to my basic Bandon beach offerings.
  • Time frame: I spend three hours with you to capture a sunrise or sunset. We go out no matter what the conditions are except for rain because it is hard on the equipment. Even if conditions are overcast or foggy we will get creative and work on getting images that you will enjoy. You may also reserve a one day workshop which includes a sunrise, sunset and a one hour Lightroom processing session mid-day where I show you my basic Lightroom process using one of your images.
  • Location: For my basic Bandon Landscape Photography Workshop we will shoot on Bandon Beach for the full three hours. The beach is immense and there are many different areas with their own beauty. We will focus on the iconic rocks such as the Wizard’s Hat, Face Rock and Howling Dog Rock and I will show you all of the classic compositions and some of why own personal favorites. And of course, you will be encouraged to search for your own, unique compositions as well, including intimate landscapes scenes.
  • Cost: The cost is 250 U.S. dollars per person for either a sunrise or sunset session. The one day workshop described above is 500 U.S. Dollars per person and an extra 100 dollars per person up to three people total. You may add a friend or family member at an additional 100 dollars each. I limit it to three people so that each person gets ample attention. Full payment is due when you reserve a time slot. You can make payment via PayPal at the address of or privately over the phone at our place of business in Bandon. (More contact information is below.)
  • Various Weather Conditions: The below two images were taken during conditions that we all cherish at the coast…color and clouds! But the draw of the sea stacks and the beach is not about color and clouds alone. These stunning sea stacks, sentinels of our coastline, and intimate beach scenes can be more than compelling in all weather conditions. It’s about imagination, texture and creating your very own art given the circumstances that you are presented with. So I encourage folks to come with an attitude of gratitude and openness and let your imagination run wild!
  • Know your camera: It is important to know how to use your your camera. Since these are just three hour workshops there is not adequate time to spend on learning how to use your camera. Additionally, there are many camera types these days and I am not familiar with how to use them all in great detail. I use a Canon, 5D Mark III and certainly can help with how to use some features with that type that you may need help with, but you certainly don’t want to spend a lot of time on that and miss the light!
  • What equipment is needed: As stated above, I use a Canon, 5D Mark III. I also like to utilize various filters. My go to ones are 6 and 10 neutral density filters to create dreamy water. I also sometimes use a polarizer to increase reflections or decrease glare on rocks and such. The filters are all optional depending on the style you are envisioning. A tripod on the other hand, is a must have. We often shoot in low light so this is critical to bring on the shoot. You should bring a plastic bag or shower cap to cover your lens with in case it gets very windy. I encourage folks to minimize how much gear they carry as there is quite a bit of walking involved and you can be more nimble with less weight and bulk. My favorite lens is the 16-35mm wide angle but I also like to use my 28-135mm and my 100-400mm zoom for condense scenic captures and more intimate scenes. But extra lenses are optional! Shoot with what you like. Also bring along something to wipe your lens with as you will need it with all of the mist and everything that sea weather brings with it.
  • Clothing: It is important to dress in layers as the weather can change quickly and when the sun goes down the temperature drops a great deal. You will also want either a hooded garment or hat gear of some sort that won’t blow away. I use rubber boots because I often stand in the waves a bit but if you don’t want to get wet that is okay, you will just need to stand back a bit more. Quick drying pants or water pants that fit over your boots are also handy but not necessary.

Extra Events

Horseback Riding

For this workshop I have a professional rider from our local stables come and perform for us. The models are enthusiastic and really great people to work with. They try to please us in every way! This feature costs an extra 200 U.S. dollars. It is a great deal of fun! This is for sunset only and as you see in the photo it creates and awesome photo op!

Circle in the Sand

If our shoot day falls on the day that Denny Dyke and his team have a labyrinth draw then we can make sure to go and shoot it. I am the team’s official photographer so I can certainly guide you in the right direction to get the most of this extraordinary photographic opportunity. If you have travel flexibility you should check the Circles website for their schedule prior to planning your trip.

If you are interested in setting up a workshop with me just contact me via my email at or simply call me at our local place of business in Bandon which is LAKRIS INN MOTEL phone # 541 347 3610. Please leave a message with whoever is working the front desk and I will quickly get back to you.

Yes, my husband and I own and operate a small motel in Bandon and we do give 10% discount to workshop participants. There are also many other wonderful motels in our town!

Hope to hear from you! ~ Susan

The Photographer

About Susan Dimock

Susan Dimock is a retired clinical social worker and psychotherapist who quickly channeled her energy into a second career as a fine art nature and travel photographer. Based in Bandon, Oregon, she specializes in wildlife and seascape images of the coast where she and her husband have lived for 20 years. Her travel images of Oregon are seen throughout the world in print and in on-line publications... Read more

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