Inkling definition: a slight knowledge or suspicion; a hint.

Inking synonyms:  notion, glimmering, sense, impression.

More and more, I rely on my background as a psychotherapist to inform how I go about my art work.  I have a tendency to move through this world experiencing it via the lenses of storytelling and emotional content. I am programmed toward this through my work history but also by nature. I am an introspective, process oriented individual. I’m also a visual learner and thus process best when visual story telling is involved. Actually, most of us do.

But I digress. The point of the word inkling, for the purposes of this article, is to point to the notion that to be creative one needs to be intune with their intuition. I use the word inkling to describe the subtle glimmer that tells us our intuition is attempting to get our attention. During my years as a therapist I always encouraged clients to pay attention to their intuition or “listen to their gut”, so to speak. But, many folks have dificulity translating that into everyday, tangible behaviors. That’s understandable. We’re not trained to do that by and large. In this boot strap culture the societal norm leans toward very concrete advice such as,  “just listen to the boss”, “suck it up and get it done” or “follow the money”…that type of thing. The term “follow your heart” is a bit closer, and a concept that we seem to understand, but that is still quite different from intuition.  Sometimes we follow our heart to our detriment because our heart can be clouded with an overload of emotion.  And while our heart certainly speaks to us, our intuiton may be yelling at us concurrently, warning that we must change course. Alas, all too often, we choose to ignore the latter because it can be the less gratifying one in the moment.  And, we all know what an instant gratification kind of society we are these days.

I eventually discovered that if I described listening to your intuition as following up on any inklings you might have, well now suddenly it made sense to people. There seems to be a collective consciousness around the word inkling. Great, that works! Plus, there’s just something intuitive about it :-).  What does this have to do with your art and photography in general? Consider the following quote by Alan Alda.


Be brave enough to live creatively. The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition.

~ Alan Alda

Over the past couple of years, I have consciously  been doing as Alan Alda suggests,  moving out of my comfort zone. In addition, I haven’t been sharing nearly as much on social media because I find it distracting and somewhat creativity squelching. I have been avoiding my previous norms and because of this, I am experiencing a much higher level of fulfillment. In turn, this is manifesting in my work through increased creativity and  authenticity. I also wrote about this in my last blog post , “Sea Intimacies: Keeping it Fresh”.  If you missed it,  you can go to the link and check it out.

I am in the process of writting an ebook that is chock full of new work that I am both proud of and excited to share. The hope is that my journey and resulting art will spark your imagination, infuse your mind and heart with new ideas, and ultimately aide you in a journey out of your comfort zone and into the “wilderness of your imagination”!

An Inkling

 Follow your intuition toward

greater authenticity.

A Guide for Photographers

There you have it! My goal is to have it out by the end of July. So, if I’m not sharing a ton on social media,  please know that I am busy behind the scenes shooting, creating and writing like crazy!

For the world at large, these days continue to be difficult and challenging in many ways.  Like most, I am attempting to find my own silver linings. This keeps me mindful and moving forward. We are all being called upon to muster up compassion and consideration for one another. Unity and plain ‘ole sticking together will carve a pathway toward mutuality and success.


I hope you have enjoyed the images on this post. I captured them over the last several weeks during our shutdown here in Bandon. Listening to my inner voice has allowed me to take solace and nuturance from the process of creating.  Traveling into “the wilderness of your intuition”, is very satisfying and I would venture to say, healing as well.

A friend of mine aptly described our Covid-19 era as, “transformative times”.  That certainly resonates. So with that thought, I will end by sharing an image that I took on a remote stretch of Bandon’s beach last week. To me, it speaks of transformation and so I haved named it, “Tranformative Times”.

May your transformative time have many silver linings.

With gratitude,


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