San Miguel De Allende

My personal goal for traveling to San Miguel was to gather creative inspiration from a city that is touted as the Santa fe of Mexico for being a creative mecca that is diverse and multi-cultural. I could not have anticipated just how stimulating and magical this cobble stone, colonial town would be. Encompassing both the urban and rural, this Latin American/colonial environment teeters between the old and the new on a multitude of levels. The starkly contrasting high tech and primitive infrastructure leaves one both frustrated and enchanted. The realities of classism, wealth and poverty co-existing within every nook and cranny of the center of town presents a visual that is both blatant and alarming. My senses were brimming with images evoking emotions that were often in the same moment heart wrenching and heartwarming . 

Simply put, San Miguel touched my heart. It’s old and imperfect beauty kept me constantly looking about as Steve and I walked the famous cobblestone streets on a daily basis for one month. We experienced a thousand beautiful moments that included inner homes and secret gardens behind store fronts, rooftop restaurants and bars, fresh tortillas, daily avocado and papaya, cakes, cookies and flan to be eaten on every street corner to name just a few. Creativity and artistry was obviously flourishing and abundant on every level. Both primitive, native crafts and sophisticated fine art spilled out onto the streets everywhere. Architectural design, textures, tastes, smells, sounds, and instantaneous and unexpected celebration teased our senses endlessly. And then, there were the people…Suffice it to say we will be returning!


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