After my last post, “Authenticity and Art; Finding a Way to not be Silent”, I felt the need to add some balance with this image and a few words.

My last post, was a way to express my grief. In that essay, I stated that it is more and more difficult for me to take photographs for the sake of collecting pretty images and that I need to have some meaning behind my art. That is not to say that taking pretty images is shallow or an unworthy cause.

Infact, taking images for the sake of beauty, and I might add, for joy, is  perhaps the nobliest of all causes.  When I’m feeling dark, I allow myself to do so for a period of time. But, for me, it is important to always balance that out with the beauty of humanity and of our world.  And to be able to share that beauty through my art is a gift and an honor.

Yesterday, my husband and I spent time at the Portland Rose Garden which filled my heart with a heavy dose of the earth’s elegance and charm! The rose featured here is perhaps one of the most irrisistable that I have ever seen. It was as if it were bathed in a rainbow.

For many, including myself, beauty in nature is particularly potent.

Nature instills hope within the human spirit.  ~ Susan

Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower.

~ John Harrigan

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