Such soulful and talented women were in my workshop this last September! It was jaw dropping and inspiring to see these three photographers step out of their comfort zones and let their imaginations run wild.

This was my second annual Our Photography, Ourselves workshop and I couldn’t be more grateful for the experience. The workshop filled up immediately with my limit of 6 people. Just prior to the start date of the workshop, three people had to back out due to illness. With any luck, all three will be able to attend in 2023. Initially, it was disappointing that the group had become so small.  However, I believe some things are just meant to be. This tiny but mighty group of women bonded and connected to one another, to nature and to their work in such a rewarding way. It was immensely gratifying for me and for my fellow presenters to be a part of of their Bandon soulful storytelling adventure.

Below, check out a small sample of their creative endeavors!

The first set of three images are by Mary Schafer. She is a talented artist and writer with a joyful heart and an amazing enthusiasm for photography and for life in general! She just blew us all away with the ekphrastic writing that accompanied her final visual story project! She is perpetualy game in her search for freshness of style and constantly surprised us with her exciting results.

Mary Schafer

The next three images are by Nancy Hunt. Nancy was in my workshop last year as well and I was so pleased that she returned. She is  meticulous and precise with her process of shooting and is a purist in her belief system that it is the journey as opposed to the end result that is the most valuable. She and her husband travel the nation together photographing nature’s beauty. Their zest for living life to its fullest is inspiring, to say the least. For Nancy, photography is therapeutic and has given her solace during periods of personal grief. Nancy is authenticity at its best.

Nancy Bell, whose work you see in these last three images, is a perfect example of an artist willing to step outside of her comfort zone. An amazing wildlife photographer and world traveler, this woman’s willing and open heart led her to new and exciting discoveries about herself and her work. She is a joy to work with and her sense of humor had my jaw aching from laughter!

You can see Nancy’s work on Facebook, Nancy Bell from Trinity, Florida.

Why am I doing these workshops? What could be better than connecting with nature, ourselves and our art, all while hanging out with like minded people. We came away with a sense of joy, knowing that we had made new friends that will last a life time.

Above photo: One never knows what photo op will arise. Behind us in this photograph is a car at the marina that got set on fire. It burned leaving behind dripping paint and rust galore. Great fodor for abstracts!

Stay tuned, dates for two 2023 workshops will be out soon! 

Thanks for reading. ‘Til next time! ~ Susan

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