Or, Life is a Walk in the Park.

Life is a walk in the park, especially when a photographer has all of the right conditions! And yesterday I had just that at a neighborhood park in the Portland, Oregon area. There was a pastel sunset, clouds, a bit of water and fall leaves. Plus to top it off, a brisk autumn gustiness that made in-camera blurs for this abstract shoot a breeze!

But why I am so drawn to abstract these days? This question is what I was pondering in the early morning hours today. In my half- sleep, dream state I realized that abstract allows me to make sense of my world today in all of its unpredictable, topsy turvy, upside down glory! Abstract allows me to go with the flow, it eases my anxious mind and creates a space for me to reflect. The breeze that presented itself yesterday set the stage for me to move with nature and with this season of uncertainty and change. As it often does, nature reminded me of what I know to be true. Allowing natural flow to occur took me into the reality of what I feel. My willingness to accept and to honor unpredictability in a dynamic world was manifested through my visual art.

And of course, there’s always the birds that simply reflect how wondrous and magical our world is no matter what else is going on. ~ With a grateful heart, , Susan

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